Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Marks

Son of Morning by Joyce Carol Oates. A tortured literal prayer of a novel that tells of the rise and fall of God's favored young preacher, a Mr. Nathanael Vickery. It manages to capture the almost unbearable ecstasy of religious belief and visions and it's interesting as a look at the last gasp of religious fundamentalism before the Moral Majority turned American Christianity into tacky plastic. Published in 1978 it observes the cusp of the tent revival shows turning into the televangelists. It's greater interest and value is looking at how our finite minds create, look at, and even talk to God. And even what exactly "God" is. As typical with Oates reading it can feel like having open heart surgery performed with out anesthesia but every time I finish one of her books I feel a little more alive.

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