Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Scramble

Praise! The epic takedown of the Left Behind series at Slacktivist is back.

"I can't adopt a baby!" Last night's Scandal finale was terrific and justified my faith in the shw. I don't seem to share the anitpahty towards Quinn a lot of viewers do. Usually the audience stand in is irriration but there's a vlunderability and as yet untapped potential to her I find appealing. I'll be very curious to know who she actually is.

And I kind of, no really, love Mellie. The actress owns this role and transforms what could have been stock Ice Queen into a woman throwing some hardcore Game of Thrones plays. I wouldn't be the least surprised to see her family tree have the Tyrells at the top. Also the female Vice President isn't another Palin hatchet job but seems to be modeled on William Jennings Bryan reincarnated in an Ann Taylor suit, which naturally makes her much more interesting. Hand it to a female showrunner, not that males can't but it's been a while since I've seen a show where the female antagonists where allowed to have an inner life and existence beyond causing trouble for the hero. (Though that's true more for the former than the latter in this case.)

Friday Dance-Off It seems only fitting she kicks this off, rest in peace you amazing lady.

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