Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Scramble

Mr. Bradbury goes to the October country. There was some comfort in losing such an important writer and figure in the outpouring of tributes, quotes, and archive footage dug up about him. For starters:

The typically good take from Wired.

Eleven quotes.

Twenty quotes.

"...reach our had to touch and almost touch the sky..."

I can see myself falling down the Brain Pickings hole for hours.

Take what you've got and fly with it.

Fiddle sticks.

Songs in the Key of Augh!  A recent watch was The Man and the Monster. A very neat Mexican horror brew that was a part Jekyll and Hyde, part Phantom of the Opera, and a dusting of Faust for good measure. I'd even say it was a variation on Psycho's psycho-sexual themes had it not come out several years before it. A lush, black and white gothic. With the the nifty touch of the titular monster of The Brainiac playing the hero this time.

Dementia 13 is AIP's cash-in on Psycho-mania and then just "Francis Coppola"'s first credited feature. And with a pedigree like that there's a lot more going on than at first glance. It's a dreamy, dark film often looking more forward to the Eurohorror of the rest of the decade, and as it's impossible not to play spot the future auteur with this, several shots prefigure the watery deaths of the Godfather Part 2 and Apocalypse Now. Worth tracking down, it pops up on public domain box sets all the time. 

I'm just a Broadway Baby

And an encore

Some jobs are just ridiculously awesome

Friday Jukebox, I did not care for this song at all and then... 

[Note: I figure with the dominant theme of the news cycle being people eating each other we could use some otter pictures, you're welcome.] 

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