Monday, August 06, 2012

Lighting Candles For Lost Boys and Girls

"It is better to light a single candle than curse the darkness," is one of my favorite sayings and one I've needed more than usual in the rather depressing, even for early August, past couple of weeks.

What got lost in all the noise over Chick-fil-A is that it wasn't about freedom of religion or freedom of speech. It was about the 5 million dollars from the chain's profits CEO Dan Cathy gives to virulently anti-gay hate groups. It is his money to give ultimately, but freedom of speech does not mean freedom from accountability.

Well sometimes all you can do is not give in, not to cynicism, not to despair at the photos of the long lines outside the restaurants on Aug 1, or to the phony belief that this is just how it is. It's not.

Equality Maryland took donations on the first for 6.50 the price of a combo meal. I think this is a great idea and I want to pass it on. Let's round it up to 7.00 (naturally more if you wish to) and give to the Ali Forney Center.

The Ali Forney Center is a homeless shelter for LGBT kids. And in showing how nothing happens in a vacuum,  thanks to the efforts of people like Cathy these kids often face the choice of entering a bogus "treatment" program or getting kicked out of the house. The Center provides them a safe place and works in making sure they'll have a better tomorrow.

You can donate through the site, or you can send your seven and up check to:

Ali Forney Center 
224 West 35th Street, 15th Floor 
New York, NY 

I know times are lean, but I also know we capable of things like Gabby Douglas' performance at the Olympics and landing robots on Mars. We can't do every thing, but we can light a candle. Let the great work begin.

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reynard61 said...

Jessica, I just posted links to this page in my own Facebook page and the "Support the Removal of the Cranston High School West Prayer" Facebook Group.