Monday, September 16, 2013

Audio Visual and General Geek Links

Bach at the Alhambra.

Classical trash.

Explaining Blue.

Whole lotta Shakespeare goin' on.

Defending the mirror ball.

Experimental Poles.

Ice cold tunes.

Music boxes.

Small screen Studs.

It's such a good feeling.

Big Bird's beautiful family tree.

Standing up to gods.

Dressed to kill.

Engage all.

TV's secret golden age.

The MST3K gang strike back.

The boob tube meets the bookshelf.

Love in the time of Glasnost.

Futurism in the city of angels.

Eyes of steel.

Super looks.

Beautiful inspiration.

Characters through the ages.

Claiming your right to geek out.

The Dark Knight of keeping the faith.

Get yourself all educated like. Yeah. Real fancy.

Our origins.

Powerful flower.

Sowing seeds.

Walk it off.

Just a hole in the ground.

Happy thoughts.

Thoughtful skeptic.

To the moon and (not) back.

Talkin' Mars.

Asimov talks to pigs.

What will be will be.

A farewell message.

The caves of the red planet.

Best space photos '12.

On seeing it all.

A black hole lunches.

Taking photos in space.

Walking cross the moon.

Saying goodbye with space.

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