Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shangri-L.A., Fashion, and Single Candle Links

The La La Land that never was.

Reading in the city of angels.

A open letter to the Big Orange.

The doc stands up for the city.

A writer bids farewell to it.

Point Blank party down.

Lanky Lizards! Get your Francesca Lia Block on with mermaids, pink bubbly, and dreamy surfer photos.

I wonder what Foucault would've thought of American Eagle.

Fabulous fashion.

Pumping iron and eyeliner.

Making something beautiful.

18 from a legend.

Reflections of icons.

Minding the store.

Wondering how you mange to feed the rest.

You are what you do.

Subway superhero.

Saving a life.

A healing letter of note.

Kids lighting candles.

Putting on your best.

Letting it go.

Strong sugar.

18 years and counting.

A good tip.

We create our fates.

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