Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Picture Show Links

Old flick rags online and searchable.

Commentaries lost in laserdisc limbo resurface.

The shape of cinema.

Silent adverts.

Lulu love.

The scandals got small.

Marlene does a screen test.

Dressing the Lady Eve.

A female filmmaker and her felines.

Workin' in the Rain.

Douglas Sirk on making a bad movie.

Truffaut on Vigo.

Coppola gets caught in the rain.

The maddest story ever told.

Pam Grier tells an awesome story.

Here comes the sun by Saul Bass.

Creating a close encounter.

A graduate of the Roger Corman factory.

All that Fosse.

Reaching accord with the princess.

Defending Space Teddy Bears.

Three decades ago with Roger and Gene.

"Alright I'm shouting! I'M SHOUTING SHOUTING SHOUT-"

"As in Helsinki, Sweden"

"Asian Dawn?"

1988's best.

Christopher Doyle talks about what he sees.

Music for the ache of loves lost.

Seatec Astronomy 101.

Bridges talks Tarantino.

Video essay on a master of the dark fantastic.

New Yorker essay on the same.

On the passing the auteur theory progenitor.

There's always room for an underrated list.

The magik lantern.

On being female and not "likable".

The Big Picture goes to the flickers.

The secret show.

They're projecting.

Odie says goodbye.

Building Argento.

Gibson on the shatterdome.

Breaking the fourth wall.

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