Tuesday, July 21, 2015

City Tales

She spent her first night in her new apartment. She moved her things in on the thirteenth. It was a summer of milestones. The day before was the fortieth anniversary of humans walking across the moon. Their heavy feet stirring up streamers of dust. She was saying goodbye to things. Her room at the house didn't feel like hers any more. It hadn't for a long time. She would miss waking up to the smell of fresh cut grass but the apartment was a good first step. A first step to getting out of Pickton, getting out of North Carolina. It was a beautiful day, clear with a breeze gentle and warm like a friend. There were still some necessities to get for the apartment but until she lived with a large group of people its spartan furnishings and decor would suit her fine. She was terribly lonely. She was going through the time of being unable to sleep, and dreams being bony fingers raked across her sense of safety. She was excited about the new place but sad. But it was a gentle sadness, she was grateful for that.

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