Thursday, July 23, 2015

Micro Reviews

ANT-MAN was fleet footed and charming, and made good use of the gags inherent in the premise. That said it was rather silly the effort the film made to keep Evangeline Lilly from just being the co-star superhero alongside Rudd.

HOW AWFUL ABOUT ALAN is Aaron Spelling’s contribution to the 1970s boom of solid made for TV horror movies. Anthony Perkins and Julie Harris are a pair of neurotic siblings unhappily sharing a house after their father’s death. Well made, if not in the top tier of small screen spookers like GARGOYLES and DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK. A nice snap of autumn in the July heat and humidity.

THE GHOST SHIP (1943), a nifty Heart of Darkness riff and stealth little anti Fascist parable. Terrific atmosphere, especially in the use of close ups on Skleton Knaggs’ wonderful face. He plays the near mystic mute sailor of the crew, his interior monologues serving as Greek Chorus as the coils of madness and authoritarianism, revealed to be comfortable traveling companions, spool ever more out of control.

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