Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Weird Tales: The Thing With Two Heads

A wickedly fun bit of nonsense from the fine folks at AIP. A rapidly decaying Ray Milland plays a diabolical doctor determined  to cheat death. He attaches his noggin to wrongly convicted death row inmate Grier, who escapes and the chase is on! Milland and Grier have a wonderful, bickering chemistry, it's a shame they didn't make another film together. Funny, and briskly makes sure to not wear out its welcome.


W.B. Kelso said...

I don't think anyone has officially timed it yet, but I still contend Milland's fake noggin had more screen time than he did.

Jessica R. said...

I wouldn't doubt it. But I really need to see this movie again, I love the girlfriend's absolutely world worry, "You get into more shit!" :sigh: when her fleeing from the law boyfriend shows up with Ray Milland's head attached to his shoulder.