Monday, October 01, 2012

31 Weird Tales: Twins of Evil

31 Weird Tales raises from the grave this year with one of Hammer's most enjoyable late period efforts. Less a tired walk through of vampire gothic-land than a full -throated, beautifully nasty twist of the rack on such witch burners as The Conqueror Worm and Mark of the Devil. Jam full of furious puritans, lead by Peter Cushing in top magnificent bastard form, decadent aristocrats dropping their souls like housecoats for fangs, and bosomy maidens as much as the Pinewood back lot will hold.  It's amazing that something this bleak can be this much rollicking fun, so go ahead and sink your teeth into this with gusto. 

(Many thanks to the fine folks at Riverside Drive-In's Super Monster-Rama for introducing me to this one.) 

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